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Mining Hardware Tutorial

Here is some shared information on how to work with the hardware side of cryptocurrency Mining.What really is hardware mining?  Well it is the underlining equipment that you need to build a solid a mining system.  You can do it three ways:1.       If you want to Keep your cost low by researching  into ASIC and GPU hardware to do basic mining.  This is fun and easy way to do.  I recommend that you first research what you want to mine before buying a GPU, CPU or ASIC USB card solution.  If you want to mine LCT or Bitcoin then this is a good way to do it.  One way is to upgrade your old PC and let it run in the corner of your room 24/7 to learn how to mine.  This format only requires add a few parts to make the system work.  Here some ways you can do it. Refer to the links below: